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In recent years, when not touring the globe as the featured soloist with hip-hop superstar JAY-Z or subbing into pop legend Paul Simon’s band, the Toronto-based, New York schooled multi-award-winning Trinidadian-born trumpet player BROWNMAN ALI -- the last trumpet player for iconic jazz-hip-hop group Guru's Jazzmatazz -- spends much of his artistic time in the exploration of modern  “chordless” jazz -> music produced without a chordal instrument (guitar or keyboard).  He had previously explored this tonal quality for a decade with his high lauded latin-jazz group CRUZAO, and more recently with his heavily decorated & now internationally acclaimed Miles Davis influenced BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO

Taking a similar trajectory as the acclaimed 2009 debut release "Juggernaut", this highly energized bombastic trio’s 2013 sophmore release “Gravitation: A Study In Freefall” -- on Brownman’s own label Browntasauras Records -- shot to number 4 on the iTunes USA jazz charts and was declared “the new standard in electric-jazz” by National Public Radio (NPR) in New York City.  Adding to the group's long list of awards & accolades, "Gravitation" would win a 2015 International Independent Music Award for "Jazz-Funk Album of the Year", and a 2015 Toronto Independent Music Award for "Jazz Group of the Year".

“The trio folds aspects of Black American Music into a chordless jazz framework”, states Brownman. “When we’re not playing originals, we often take classic standards from the 30s through the 50s and re-imagine them as if they were written today and being produced by, say, DJ Premier. The end result is something that hopefully sounds relevant in today’s musical paradigm, but still resonates with the history and lineage of the jazz tradition. And yeah - you’ll hear a lot of Miles Davis’ influence in that resulting sound”.

The ensemble itself is aptly described by CODA magazine: 
“Brownman’s powerful electrified trio captures the essence of the later years in Miles Davis’ life, his electric period, without imitation. Brownman’s ELECTRYC TRIO is uniquely his own, yet echoes with the sounds of ‘Bitches Brew’ and ‘In a Silent Way’ right down to Miles’ use of electronics while still managing to stay grounded in the sounds of today. Clearly paying apt tribute to Brownman’s NYC mentor Randy Brecker, they are a truly impressive and energized modern jazz outfit.”

The Buffalo News writes, upon the latest slew of awards for the Electryc Trio:
“Awards are nice, naturally, but to dig what Brownman is doing, you’ve got to see him live. I had a chance to do just that over the summer when Brownman fronted his killer trio ... I came away with a blown mind. This guy’s got chops galore, soul to match, and a sense of phrasing that recalls many of the greats, but suggests itself to be his own.”

Toronto’s NOW Magazine writes:
(concert review)
“It’s incredible the energy output these three men can generate... with only three of them on stage my ears would swear they were hearing a whole electrified orchestra”.

"Guru's Jazzmatazz trumpet player delivers virtuosity and panache"
 states Matt Galloway in a live CBC Radio Canada interview. Below is an excerpt:
"In 2006, multi-award winning Trinidadian born Canadian jazz trumpet icon BROWNMAN was asked to replace Donald Byrd as the featured soloist in the legendary jazz-hip-hop group GURU'S JAZZMATAZZ (under the leadership of hip-hop royalty of Gangstarr fame - Guru).  And now, after 3 years of world-wide touring, Brownman has launched his own record label, Browntasauras Records, which just released the highly anticipated debut recording from the BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO.  It's important to note that this powerful modern electric trio won the National Jazz Award for 'Electric Jazz Group of the Year' in 2007 & were again nominated in 2008, based solely on the strength of their live show - all without having a record out yet!"

Brownman on tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Born on the small Caribbean island of Trinidad, schooled in New York City under Randy Brecker's watchful eye and now heralded as "Canada's preeminent jazz trumpeter" by New York City's Village Voice magazine, the ever dynamic Brownman tirelessly leading no less than 7 highly respected ensembles of his own spanning genres from be-bop to hip-hop.  He is best known for his work as the leader of Canada's premiere latin-jazz ensemble CRUZAO (winners of the 2001 Montreal Jazz Fest's "Grand Prix du Jazz award" & 5-time nominee at the National Jazz Awards for "Electric Group of the Year") and his electrified Miles Davis' influenced BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO (2 National Jazz Awards, an International Independent Music Award & 2 Toronto Independent Music awards are amongst the many awards & accolades the group has received).  Despite the demands of leading 7 ensembles & international touring he is still one of the most called upon trumpet players in the studio scene; his long list of recording credits, more than 300 to date, make him "one of the most recorded trumpet players in Canadian history", according to CBC Radio Canada.

From 2006 to 2010, Brownman was the featured soloist with the legendary New York City jazz-hip-hop artist GURU (of Gangstarr fame) for his JAZZMATAZZ ensemble (replacing Donald Byrd in that group), catalyzing his appearing on the cover of CODA magazine, Canada's most acclaimed jazz publication. In Dec 2009 Brownman would launch his own independent record label Browntasauras Records, with the BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO debut recording Juggernaut as it's flagship release along with re-issues of his entire back-catalog from other groups he leads. The 2013 B.E.T. release of Gravitation went to #4 on the iTunes jazz charts in the USA. 2015 would see new artists being signed to the label, including Snaggle, Modus Factor & Jason Wilson's Divison One.

Since returning to Canada from NYC, Brownman has been on the cutting edge of modern music in the nation for the last decade, winning multiple awards nationally, achieving international recognition while touring the globe, and is widely considered to be a vanguard for the evolution of jazz in Canada. 

Brownman also holds a degree in physics, a minor in philosophy, writes the brass column for Canadian Musician Magazine and is an often called upon lecturer and clinician internationally on such topics as "advanced jazz harmony", "hip-hop and the modern jazz improviser" & "latin rhythms for the jazz improviser".


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