... what people are saying ...
“It’s incredible the energy output these three men can generate... with only three of them on stage my ears would swear they were hearing a whole electrified orchestra”.
- Toronto’s NOW Magazine (concert review)

"Brownman's Electryc Trio is lively, entertaining and hip ... the atmosphere is seriously funky ... the music's muscular and quick, much of it thrilling..."
- Whole Note Magazine

"Awards are nice, naturally, but to dig what Brownman is doing, you’ve got to see him live. I had a chance to do just that over the summer when Brownman fronted a killer trio ... I came away with a blown mind. This guy’s got chops galore, soul to match, and a sense of phrasing that recalls many of the greats, but suggests itself to be his own."
 - Buffalo News

"Brownman is the real deal... this abundantly talented young musician was handpicked by the late MC Guru to blow the sinewy lines that made his Jazzmatazz project such a groundbreaking hybrid of jazz and hip-hop... with each appearance the buzz surrounding the bold and electric Brownman style has grown in amplitude."
- Art Voice Magazine

"It's hard to imagine the group being more in the pocket, more energetic."
 - Ottawa Citizen

"Brownman Electryc Trio's new release GRAVITATION is the new standard in electric jazz"
- NPR (National Public Radio), New York

"Canada's preeminent jazz trumpet player"
 - NYC's Village Voice

"... the most versatile hornman in Canada"
 - Chicago Tribune

"... virtuostic, energized and in the spirit of Miles Davis"
 - Toronto's NOW Magazine

"One of the next great voices in the new generation of jazz improvisers"
 - Randy Brecker, multi-grammy winning legendary trumpeter

"Brownman... Remarkable writing and burning energy"
 - John Scofield, jazz guitar giant

"... a truly gifted improviser with an original creative voice..."
 - Gary Bartz, saxophonist with Miles Davis

"... uniquely creative and fearless - like a young Miles Davis"
 - Guru, legendary hip-hop icon from Gangstarr/Jazzmatazz fame

"... deliciously quirky & invigorating... seethes with energy".
 - Toronto Star

"Miles Would Be Proud"
 - Toronto SUN headline for featuring story on Brownman

"Brownman breaks down the boundaries between latin, jazz and urban music in the most innovative way I've seen yet."
 - Memo Acevedo, NY University professor

"Brownman Ali... a warm, personable soloist displaying an engaging mix of quirks and lyricism."
 - Toronto's Globe and Mail

"Brownman... Ali... Marrón... this young trumpet player has as many names as he has skills"
 - Canada Picante Xpress Latin Magazine

"Energy is never in short supply in Brownman Ali's world.  This Toronto/Trinidadian trumpeter loves skipping from style to style almost as much as he digs mixing it up with the jazz elite"
 - CBC Radio Canada

"Brownman Ali's powerful electrified trio captures the essence of the later years in Miles Davis' life, his electric period, without imitation. Brownman's ELECTRYC TRIO is uniquely his own, yet echoes with the sounds of 'Bitches Brew' and 'In a Silent Way' right down to Miles' use of electronics while still managing to stay grounded in the sounds of today.  Clearly paying apt tribute to Brownman's NYC mentor Randy Brecker, they are a truly impressive and energized modern jazz outfit."
- JazzOnline.com

"Guru's Jazzmatazz trumpet player brings virtuosity and panache to jazz" states Matt Galloway in a recent CBC Radio Canada interview. Below is an excerpt:
"In 2006, multi-award winning Trinidadian born Canadian jazz trumpet icon BROWNMAN was asked to replace Donald Byrd as the featured soloist in the legendary jazz-hip-hop group GURU'S JAZZMATAZZ (under the leadership of hip-hop royalty of Gangstarr fame - Guru).  And now, after 3 years of world-wide touring, Brownman has launched his own record label, Browntasauras Records, which just released the highly anticipated debut recording from the BROWNMAN ELECTRYC TRIO.  It's important to note that this powerful modern electric trio won the National Jazz Award for 'Electric Jazz Group of the Year' in 2007 & were again nominated in 2008, based solely on the strength of their live show - all without having a record out yet!"


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